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Frequently Asked Questions


What does my ROI look like?
Well, The initial investment here is $20-50k.
Yes, premium price for premium services.
Our clients are seeing return on investment within 12-16 months in todays market. However, we do aim to have your entire investment back as soon as possible.  


What do I have to do? 
NOTHING. Remember, this is completely hands off and passive stream of income. 
Thats right, you don't have to do ANYTHING. Our team takes care of the entire process A-Z. 
First couple of weeks for on boarding is when we will need you the most to ensure we have everything set up correctly. After that, sit back and watch your online business grow. 

Apart from the initial investment, do I need to invest more money?  
Yes and No... 
After the initial investment is made (which is for the service) all you would need to provide is the Working Capital needed to run the store. Depending on the model you choose to have, the Working Capital will go towards product fulfillment.

How much Working Capital is needed to run a successful store? 
Since platforms like Shopify & Amazon don't pay out instantly, we need money to process all orders coming into your store. I advice all clients to have $10k - $30k ready to go for my team and I to deliver the results you truly desire. This could be on credit cards and or a business debit card. 
(We can discuss more on the call)

What risks are involved with this Investment? 
We have done EVERYTHING possible to take out any reason on why this wouldn't work for our clients, but just like any other business out there, you will have risks. Anyone that says a business has zero risks is lying to you and you should run the other way... However, In this case the risk is very minimal due to the fact that we aren't buying any inventory before putting them online for sale (like our Shopify Dropshipping stores). And in the case that we are buying them for our warehouse (Amazon Clients) it's because our product research team assures us they are selling.  

Whats in it for you if you guys do all the work? 
Yes, our team actually gets paid based on the performance of your store. We split NET PROFITS at the end of each month, which of course incentivizes our team to scale your store at a decent pace making our clients success a top priority. This should allow you to feel more comfortable, knowing we care for your store as much as you do. 

(We can discuss all options on our call) 

We simply just send you an invoice at the end of the month AFTER you have received all payouts into YOUR account. Splits are in favor of the client. 

So what happens if store gets suspended or shutdown? 
Although we are constantly adapting to the market and have taken massive action to assure this doesn't happen to our clients, if it was to happen, my team and I will personally come out of pocket and start you up a brand new store. Yes, it will slow you down a little in the process, but we will make sure to get you back up and running right away. Trust us in the process, and we will be okay. 

How am I taxed on this? 
I am not a certified expert, I advise that you go and speak with a CPA or tax attorney on this topic! But just like many things, you can have write offs when it comes to this business. 

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